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7th October 2002, 02:44 PM
Newtype USA, the leading anime and manga publication in the English-speaking world, today announced a partial list of the North American retailers that will carry the November 2002 premiere issue of the magazine. Negotiations with additional retailers were underway as of the date of this release.

Subscriptions are available through www.newtype-usa.com, at $89.95 (USD) per year (12 months). This price represents a 25% discount off the cover price.

Major Chain Retailers (to date): Suncoast Sam Goody Barnes & Noble Borders Media Play Waldenbooks Fry's Tower Gordon & Gotch Canada (Chapters/Coles Books)

Independent stores: Newtype USA will also be available at independent anime, comic and specialty stores across the country.

Through the Newtype USA website Single issues and back issues will be available for purchase through http://www.newtype-usa.com.

Availability Dates Newtype USA will ship from the printer on/around October 10, 2002, with availability at retailers across North America beginning October 15th (depending on shipping time).

Included in their lineup is the Manga: For the Barrel which is a re-telling of Yoshiyuki Tomino's original Gundam novel which proclaims to be more true to Tomino's original vision

13th October 2002, 08:49 AM
:cool: find Gservo! (The link doesn't work, but it might be just my connection.)


13th October 2002, 09:22 AM
The links would work if the bb soft didn't treat the punctuation after the .com as part of the URL. Remove and it's fine: www.newtype-usa.com

13th October 2002, 09:26 AM
Argh! US$165 a year for international subscription! Then again, I used to get the Japanese version at around $5 for each issue, and same again for air mail :( :D

13th October 2002, 01:12 PM
Sorry about the punctuation
thanks makerel

13th October 2002, 01:12 PM
I am putting my subcription order today