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5th October 2002, 05:48 PM
Well... maybe it's not quite a giveaway, but the following systems have to go to the best offer. Any offer considered. Some of you might recognise this as stuff I failed to shift in the past. I definitely want to be rid of this stuff at any cost this time.

This is not an auction, the highest offer doesn't necessarily "win" ("best" not equal to "highest") Even if you make an offer which is accepted, you can still change your mind although I'd prefer it if you don't do that ;). I don't know of any easy way to shift this lot so it will be COLLECTION ONLY. Well, I may be able to deliver within about 1 hours drive around Swindon which can be discussed as necessary. These are all boxes which can be plugged in and used once you stick your prefered OS on it. All is in good working order with no known problems unless mentioned below. I'll do some pictures later.

I'd strongly prefer not to split the systems, but would consider it for box #1 only if there is a lack of interest. I'll leave this thread open for the next week or so. If you have any questions or want further info then let me know.

#1 Ye olde Duallie

Dual Celeron 366, runs at 550 stably at default voltage
Two Globalwin FKP32 coolers
Abit BP6
320 MB Crucial PC133 CL2 (256+64)
Full tower case + PSU
Creative GF2 32 MB video
Yamaha chip PCI sound
Tekram PCI SCSI card
4 GB SCA Seagate scsi HD (with adapter to run it off narrow)
scsi CD
Floppy drive
PCI 100 mbit network card
and appropriate internal cables for above

#2 Dell Optiplex G1

P2 350 + Dell hsf.
6.4 GB Maxtor HD
CD drive
On-board video (ATI) with seperate video ram so does not impact system performance.
Floppy drive
1x256 MB Crucial PC133 CL2
On-board network adapter (3com)
Win95 license + media.

#3 Ye even older Duallie (Tulip VisionLine dr 6/200 smp)

Dual PPro 200 + coolers
160 MB ram EDO ECC (128 MB crucial + 32 MB ???).
2x 4 GB Fujitsu SCSI HDs
Scsi CD
PCI video
Fan headders on mobo don't seem to work
Case has three 90 mm fans for cooling (not 120mm as mentioned earlier) and 300W PSU
SCA scsi drive bay, but there's only one pair of drive rails
Front control panel doesn't work, have toasted ribbon cable earlier trying, so have created seperate switch to power
Server cube case, certainly interesting as a starting point for mods

#4 The Sun has got it's hat on, hip hip hip hooray...

Sun Sparcstation 5
96 MB ram
2x Seagate 2 GB SCA SCSI drives including mounting brackets.
Slimline tosh CD-rom, modified to work on the Sun (have used it to install Solaris). No mounting rails.
TGX graphics
Sun 19 inch monitor (Sony tube) + cables. Crack on top of case after parcel farce got their hands on it but otherwise in good working order.
Has built in network adapter.
Type 4 Keyboard + optical mouse

Sun Sparc 1+ - NVram is bad :(
12 MB ram
420 MB disk
CG3 graphics

Other bits included in sun bundle:
mono graphics adapter.
type 5 keyboard (untested, believed working)
type 5 keyboard (mouse port not working. have tried taking it apart)
ball mouse
Solaris 7 original media
Solaris 8 download on CDR.
1 GB SCA scsi HD

5th October 2002, 06:27 PM
Sorry for the low quality pics, my camera sucks :(

Dell box



Note the cards shown installed do not match that of the proposed sale. The form factor appears to be ATX but I've not checked with another mobo.

http://www.kawaii.demon.co.uk/sale/cube1.jpg http://www.kawaii.demon.co.uk/sale/cube2.jpg http://www.kawaii.demon.co.uk/sale/cube3.jpg http://www.kawaii.demon.co.uk/sale/cube4.jpg http://www.kawaii.demon.co.uk/sale/cube5.jpg http://www.kawaii.demon.co.uk/sale/cube6.jpg http://www.kawaii.demon.co.uk/sale/cube7.jpg

5th October 2002, 06:38 PM
Forgotten how big that bleedin thing was! If anybody wants a nice box that duallie ppro is a beaut of a case to work with. Would have it back off ya, but i is skinto :(


5th October 2002, 07:08 PM
Damn. Why do you have to live Across The Pond .....

I want that Cube Case!

Too bad shipping and taxes would make it too expensive for shipping.

5th October 2002, 07:48 PM
Yup, it's a nice case which is why I gave Stevieboy too much money for it in the first place. But I've had it probably a year now and still not done anything with it, nor likely to in the future hence I want to let it go to another good home.

7th October 2002, 05:29 PM
Best offers received so far [7 Oct]:
System #1: 100 pounds
System #2: nothing
System #3: nothing
System #4: nothing

I'll edit this as and when it changes.

7th October 2002, 09:33 PM
just wondering how much you would want for the duallie ppro unit, even without the guts if you could flog that separately (pain i know, cos it's a FULL size mobo)

Should be getting my loan cheque through some time this decade, so i'll have some funds then. Got my van, so i'll be able to pickup.


8th October 2002, 05:24 AM
Originally posted by ^7_of_9
Damn. Why do you have to live Across The Pond .....

I want that Cube Case!

Too bad shipping and taxes would make it too expensive for shipping.

Taxes = 0 if under 175 UK. Mackerel, what does it weigh - I can work out shipping (albeit 12 day delivery, but cheap) and see if it is prohibitive...

It's a cube case... *Yay* and if shipping's cheap, it may be worth grabbing...

Just a thought.

G* :borg:

8th October 2002, 05:37 AM
Canadian Taxes kick in as soon as it hits the Border. 7% of the declared price. for GST (Go**amn Stupid Tax)

That Cube Case would make a perfect Addition to the Hive Mind.

8th October 2002, 08:12 AM
I can't give you an exact wieght, apart from REALLY heavy, "i had trouble getting it up the steps to my house from the boot of my car" kinda heavy. :(


20th October 2002, 11:03 PM
Sometimes I wish I live in England. I would realy like that Dell for my wife, but shipping would kill me. :)