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13th September 2002, 11:37 AM
Hi Chaps,
OK this is my first attempt to at this networking thing and its gone wrong already lmao :(
All I want to do is connect my sons and my computers to the internet sharing my broadband connection. I am using XP Pro
I have a Linksys BEFSR41 router and have connected my cable modem to the WAN port and connected my PC to port 1 of the Router (not connected my sons yet ,just want to get mine working) ........and no matter what I do I cannot get connected to the net All the lights come on correctly and have tried loads of settings all wrong I guess ......The Linksys comes with an installation wizard on CD but you must have a internet connection up and running before its any use.
I left it over night to see if the modem and router would sort themselves out with the MAC address but had no luck still no net access ... Do the routers have a built in MAC address? as I could register that with blueyonder (my ISP)

Can you help me!!! otherwise the holes I have been drilling through my ceiling will have been for nothing :D


13th September 2002, 12:18 PM
Yes the router does have an internal MAC address.
If you find the MAC Address out you might want to tell BY then what it is as they may have yours pre-registered.

Also you can try turning the cable modem off for a couple of minutes and then turning it back on then as well.

Another thing to try would be the Web Admin portion of your router.

Connect your computer back up to the router and then release your IP Address and renew it.

Win 9X/ME - Click START --> RUN --> WINIPCFG --> OK--> RELEASE ALL --> RENEW


Once that part is done then try connecting to the following IP's:

One of those should bring you up to the Web Admin of your router and from there you will need to log in. our manual should have the password to help you login. You will most likely have to setup what type of Net Connection you have. (IE. Cable, DSL etc ...)

After that is done it may take anywhere from 2 seconds to 5 minutes for the router to connect depending on how fast the router and Cable Modem communicate properly.

13th September 2002, 04:41 PM
As 7 said you'll need to tell Blueyonder the mac address of the router. Dont tell Blueyonder its for a router though.
My Netgear can spoof the mac address from any card on the lan - a useful feature, but I dont know if the Linsys will do this.
Make sure your PC is setup to get its IP address automatically - as the router will assign it one through DHCP. Then with a web browser connect to, which I think is the default address of the Linksys. This will take you to the config screen of the router.
You shouldn't have to set anything up, as these work straight out of the box usually, but you'll be able to see the mac address, and check out the other settings.
Let us know how you get on.

13th September 2002, 05:03 PM
The Linksys Router my father in law has doesn't support MAC Address Cloning. The D-Link I however have does as well does a number of other routers :D

13th September 2002, 05:12 PM
Hi! would just like to add my 2 pennies worth.It may not help but still.
Right! I also run XP pro on mine and my sons computer.The way I got round this was firstly ,I installed 2 network cards into my computer one for my broadband and the other for my home network, to connect mine and my sons computers together through a 8 port hub 10/100 .

When creating a network using network wizzard, I added one of my network cards as the internet connection default [broadband].After you finish win xp gives you the option to put your settings on a floppy, to enter into another computer.
I installed my sons network card . Then inserted the floppy disk from my network ,into my sons computer. Double click and run.It set up the the internet through the broadband.Now I can connect to internet through both computers.

Hope you make head to tail of this.:nuts:

13th September 2002, 08:43 PM
yipee OK got it sorted GOD its satisfying when you suss it out This time the login admin took me to the correct places (don't know what went wrong before) all I chaged was clone MAC address to the same as my NIC card rebooted the modem and the machine and lo and behold it worked
Many thx chaps