View Full Version : For those who can't vote on polls

5th September 2002, 03:24 AM
Those who've been getting a "Invalid Session" error when trying to vote:

I've found out this is actually a bug with this version of Vbulletin. The upgrade to 2.2.7 (which we'll be doing very shortly) will fix this.

It's to do with the sessionhash variable for people who don't use cookies (and sometimes even those who do) Some proxies mess it up. 2.2.7 creates a second session variable and stores it in a new column in the sessions table. If the first fails, it will check the second one.

So again, this will be resolved when we do the upgrade shortly. In the interim, if you PM'd the forum moderator your vote, I'm sure they'd be happy to add it for you. Apologies for this inconvenience.

5th September 2002, 03:46 AM
Thanks for the update...
And just so you know..I have cookies turned on and still have the problem.

5th September 2002, 03:54 AM
LOL, well if any proxy server would mess it up it would be AOL :D

*ducking* :wall:

5th September 2002, 04:36 AM
AOL has a server?

/me runs to call the US President to tell him the ground breaking news!