View Full Version : Mobile phone virus hoax surfaces once more

15th August 2002, 11:25 AM
REPORTS SAID that a fake virus mobile phine warning is doing the rounds again.
Apparently the hoax first surfaced in the Lebanon. The email claims that anyone who answers a call where the phone displays the message 'ACE-?' will become infected by a virus which wipes out all the stored telephone numbers. This warning is, in fact, rubbish.

The message tries to gain credence by mentioning that the Essex Police force in England is aware of the danger. This is untrue but it displays a strong similarity to another mobile phone hoax which was doing the rounds two years ago.

This message claimed to have the endorsement of a female police officer from Guildford Police and warned that if you answered a call which displayed *9#, then phone freaks could charge calls to your mobile phone.

In reality GSM handsets are remarkably difficult to hack and the last time The INQUIRER asked security company F-Secure if its WAP virus software had ever caught a WAP virus, it claimed none had been found so far.

More dangerous are the text (SMS) hoaxes as replying to them can be construed as giving permission for receiving premium rate messages at 1.50 a go! Our favourite, however, was a hoax text message 'Call Elizabeth urgently' sent to mobiles in Australia which gave the telephone number for Buckingham Palace - the official residence of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.