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25th June 2002, 11:18 AM
Starlog Magazine (issue #300) interviews George Lucas. Here's a few interesting highlights from the article relating to Episode III:
Lucas on Qui-Gon Jinnís voice in Episode II:

STARLOG: And isnít that Qui-Gon Jinnís [Liam Neeson] voice we hear during Anakinís attack on the Tusken Raiders who killed Shmi Skywalker [Pernilla August]?
LUCAS: Thatís a fan thing, isnít it? Itís actually more than that. Itís a plot point. All I can really say is that youíll find out [more] in the next film. If you thought really hard, you would probably be able to figure it out, but it really is a set-up for the next film. Itís connected with the whole ability to be brought into and become a part of the Force, but still be able to retain YOUR ability Ė which, up to this point, Anakin couldnít do. We talked to Liam about [recording new dialogue], and we went back and forth [about it]. This [dialogue] is something we already had [from Menace]. Next time will be a little more complicated.

Lucas on Boba Fett:

ďBoba WILL be in Episode III, but his role definitely wonít be larger. Heís in a transition period of becoming a bounty hunter. The next film takes place two or three years later, so Boba would only be 13 and still wouldnít fit in the suit.
Lucas on killing Samuel L. Jacksonís character, Mace Windu:

ďSamís a little concerned that I make it nice and dramatic. It wonít be in the movieís first scene.Ē

Lucas on Darth Vader:

STARLOG: What of all the plot threads and character tidbits that remain to be tied up in Episode III are you Ė the guy who created this whole universe Ė most excited to get on film?
LUCAS: The scene where Anakin does actually become Vader is pretty good [as written in Lucasí Episode III outline]. I mean, I like it. Itís a little in the vocabulary ofÖI donít know how much I want to give awayÖbut itís in the vocabulary of a time Ė of the 1930s and 1940s. Itís a pretty neat little thing, I think, and hopefully itís going to work.

STARLOG: Will we see more of Anakin or Darth Vader in Episode III?

LUCAS: Itís mostly Anakin.