View Full Version : Links Program Installed

18th June 2002, 12:47 AM
Hi all,

I've installed a nifty links program which I think everyone will (eventually) utilize and benefit from. Members can add their own favourite links freely, it's database driven and has a nice search feature.

We've added some categories and sub-categories to get started, but we're open to suggestions of others, so feel free to suggest :D

When you go to add a link, you'll have to enter a username and password. It doesn't have to the your bb username.. but you'll need this if you ever want to go back and edit your entry. I'm currently trying to tweak the script to bypass the whole username step, but until I get it figured out we'll have to do it that way.

Anyway, check it out here (http://www.ninjamicros.com/phplinks/) and let us know what you think :)