View Full Version : Lite-On 48/12/48 CD-RW Spotted In Japan

Ian Newson
29th May 2002, 09:07 PM
Found over at www.cdrlabs.com

According to Akiba PC Hotline, the Lite-On LTR-48125W is available through a few shops in Japan. Like the LTR-40125W, this new 48/12/48 CD-RW features P-CAV (or CAV) writing.
The drive is currently going for 15,700 Yen, or about $125US. If these drives are already available in Japan, they should be shipping to other parts of the world very soon. More info can be found on the Akiba PC Hotlinewebsite (http://www.watch.impress.co.jp/akiba/hotline/20020525/ni_i_dd.html).